You will need:

1 x 6" round vanilla

1x carton of vanilla icing

1x 500g green sugar paste

orange sugar paste

green sugar paste

black sugar paste

purple sugar paste

1tbsp royal icing

1x palette knife

1x8" cake board or plate

1x rolling pin

1x icing sugar duster

1x small knife

2 x cake smoothers

scissors/glue stick

1x document folder – to make rosebuds

1x small circle cutter

1x small piping bag

purple and black ribbons


1.Bake a 6” round vanilla cake and allow to cool.

2. Split cake and fill with butter cream. Apply a thin crumb coat layer of butter cream over the cake.

3. Knead some green sugar paste until smooth, roll out until about 0.5cm thick.

4. Lift on to cake and smooth over the cake, starting with the top and working your way down the sides of the cake using your hands.

5. Finish cake off with 2 plastic cake smoothers and make sure a smooth finish.

6. Make 5 pumpkins by kneading orange sugar paste and marking the sides, finish with a small green stalk.

7. Make 5 witches hats with a small black circle cutter and a modelled top.

8. Make 5 rosebuds with a document folder, 3 small discs and roll then together.

9. Attach the decorations to the top of cake with some royal icing and attach ribbons to the edge of the cake.

Halloween cake done!