You will need:

1.5 x 6" round vanilla cake

2 x cartons vanilla icing/1kg home made butter cream

100g white sugar paste

50g brown sugar paste & pink icing

1 x ice cream cornet

2 x cocktail sticks

1 x straw

Gold lustre

1 x lg piping bag

1 x 8" rd drum/plate

1 x small paint brush

1 x palette knife

1 x nozzle 1m

1 x small rolling pin

1 x metal smoother

1 x scissors


1. Bake 2 x 6” vanilla cakes, split each cake into 2, then using 3 layers, sandwich together with butter cream.

2. Roll out some white sugar paste and free hand cut your ears with a smaller inside shape out of pink. Push a cocktail stick in the bottom and allow to dry.

Make the eyes by rolling out some eyes with eye lashes, allow to dry.

3.Cover the cake with a very thin crumb coat of butter cream to lock in the crumbs.

-Chill for 10 minutes.

4. Cover with a thicker layer of butter cream, starting on the top and smooth off with your metal cake smoother. Use hot water to make a smoother finish.

5.Prepare the cone by pushing a ball of sugar paste inside and inserting a straw, spray this gold. Place the ears and horn on the cake in place, once they hold their shape.

6. Using a large disposable piping bag, plaint some stripes of pink (or other) down the sides of the piping bag. Insert some butter cream.

7. Pipe the hair of the unicorn over the cake and down the sides.

Sprinkle with gold spinkles (fairy dust) and attach the eyes.

 Unicorn cake Done!