After a busy summer and as the summer wedding season draws to a close we are turning our attention to the autumn weddings and parties. Some of you will be planning your 2020 wedding or maybe you have a family celebration or party where you need to order a cake. What do you need to look for with so much choice on offer?

No need to worry, I have come up with some tips for you to consider and to help you decide on your cake supplier:

1.STYLE - Consider the style of your wedding or party, rustic, informal, formal, traditional, something different, this helps to get a feel of the atmosphere you wish to create and therefore the style of cake which suits your celebration.

2.IMAGES - Have a look at some pictures to see what styles and colours you are drawn to. These can form ideas for your cake. It is not a good idea to ask a cake maker to copy another cake as this can be tricky with copyright laws. Find a cake maker whose style you like and choose them for their own style and ideas.

3.NUMBERS - How many guest portions would you like your cake to provide, whether you are having a wedding breakfast and an evening party, when do you plan to cut your cake and how many people do you want to feed? Do you want to have any extra or to keep a tier as is tradition?

4. FLAVOURS - Do you want a mix of flavours, this is popular however it reduces the number of portions of each flavour considerably, unless you have an extra cutting cake, and so only offers choice for some of your guests and not all your guests.

5. DELIVERY - Do you require delivery and set up, this is usually included in the quotes of wedding cakes as it will be required if your cake is 3 tiers or more, the cake may need to be transported separately and assembled on site, It can be slightly cheaper to collect it yourself, however make sure you know who is responsible for setting it all up, for a birthday cake it is slightly simpler.

Cake trends going forward into 2020:

Metallics are still very popular, some of the tiers, details, or decoration. Check out our Copper rose theme on this one.

Drip cakes, this works well on a single cake or on a tiered cake, it creates a sense fun, colour and is very current.

Semi-naked cakes have taken over from naked cakes, with a very light covering of buttercream on the sides of the cake. These can be detailed with gorgeous edible flowers which are also very popular and on trend. It is not recommended to put all flowers in direct contact with the cake as some may be poisonous. See our naturally cake range for this trend.

Sweet Treats are very popular and are an alternative to the cupcake tower. It can include doughnuts, brownies, macaroons or fondant fancies. These can suit all styles of wedding/parties depending on how they are displayed, what fun!

If you are looking for a birthday or celebration cake that will impress your guests, get in touch to discuss your ideas and we can come up with something for you. Emma 07789 452 712.

Others of you will be looking for some thing to do as we enjoy the last of the summer sun.

Come and see us at the Local food Britain’s Food Festival, in a couple of weeks. This is truly a celebration of lots of Surrey food producers. On Saturday 14th September Emma will be doing a demonstration showing you how to create a simple and effective birthday cake design for all the family.

Happy Autumn.

Emma x